Support Services

Since 2006, Andy has offered independent, practical guidance for leaders who are looking to achieve more potential through their operations. This draws on his background as a production engineer (Shell, Crown Cork) and as a management consultant (McKinsey & Company). He has served workforces across Europe, the USA and Asia and typical offerings include:

Vision Workshops

An efficient and effective way to benefit from Andy’s experience is for him to work intensively with a senior operations or improvement team on site, over a relatively short period of time. A shared aim is typically to envisage how a specific operation can be reconfigured to meet business needs. He can help to outline what this could look like and how the workforce can progress towards it. A foundational plan can normally be laid within one week.

Andy is a likeable, intelligent advisor who can catch the deep buried problem in a very short time. For example, in our Zhongshan plant he spent the morning on the shop floor before guiding our team systematically to a redesigned value stream. We accomplished the transformation in the next six months, and this has since served as the basis for doubling the size of our business.”

– Eric Zhou, Business Development Manager, Zhongshan, China

Due Diligence

Andy’s experience can be applied to quickly assess the current performance and potential improvement of diverse business operations. This can make a critical contribution to the due diligence process of a potential merger or acquisition.

Andy assisted us in the operational due diligence of a EUR 450m process industry manufacturer with seven sites across three north European countries. The focus was on opportunities to further release capacity and/or lower process lead times and cost. Andy was very hands-on in his analysis, preparing and taking part in site visits and discussions with management, and demonstrated a strong knowledge of best practice lean operations as well as an ability to apply it to industries new to him. We received a very clear, and quantified, view of the operational improvement opportunities in the company.”

– Principal, leading European private equity fund

Transformation Support

To help an organisation to realise more of its potential, Andy can offer longer-term support for transformation programmes. In addition to site visits, cost-effective support can be provided through regular or ad-hoc leadership coaching and technical guidance for change-agents.

LEAN manufacturing became a fundamental cornerstone in the strategy of Luvata in 2006. Andy helped us develop the Luvata Production System (LPS) based on LEAN principles. Over the following years this became a fundamental undertaking for the Luvata Group transforming the way we supplied products to our global customer base. We have been very successful and it has changed the culture of the whole company. Andy demonstrated deep knowledge and a wealth of experience in making this a success. Andy was key in making it happen.”

– John Peter Leesi, Chairman of Luvata Group (CEO 2005-2014)


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