The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd

The standard version of the novel offers an enjoyable and insightful read to show readers what transformation can look like, how to achieve it and the pitfalls to avoid. Available in paperback and kindle versions.

The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd

This edition of the novel is intended as a richer resource for leaders of change and for teams within their organisations. Case study questions are provided at the end of each chapter which are suitable for individual or group reflection. They have been designed to draw out deeper learning in the areas of transformation leadership, change-management and in the author’s own specialist area of industrial insight, which is operations management. Available in hardback and epub versions.

Case Study Questions

This kindle download makes the case study questions available by themselves. This enables readers who have enjoyed the standard version of the novel to draw out deeper learning and application as they revisit it.

Reflections from the Incredible Transformation

This short series of reflections was inspired by parallels the author has seen between some of the lessons he has learned leading business transformations and some of the discoveries he has made in his personal quest to make the most of life as a whole. It can therefore be considered as an exploration in lateral thinking between business life and spiritual life. It reflects on some of the business lessons offered within The Incredible Transformation of Gregory Todd but this book has also been designed to stand alone: it is not necessary to have read the novel first.

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